Adam started his career as an apprentice boilermaker in Toowoomba. Specialising in precision welding, he had a knack from the start for detail and quality. On completion of his time, Adam moved into quality control, checking and testing of manufactured components for the transport industry. At this time, Adam also completed an ISO Internal Auditors Course.

Getting to the end of the line with quality control, Adam turned to structural fabrication. Working again as a boilermaker, he studied at night for his A.D. of Mechanical Engineering, completing the thirty-six (36) units in eighteen (18) months. From there, he started his design drafting career, initially designing front end loaders for the agricultural industry, then moving to structural design and drafting.

A good friend and mentor advised him to kick off this own business and in January 1998, Master Drafting and Design was hatched. Contracting to a firm specialising in material handling complexes, Adam was called on to meet, plan, design and execute entire plants to clients requirements, utilising industry specialists from Greenfields to upgrades. This included plants in the ore, gold, coal, grain and explosives industries.

Shifting his business for a lifestyle choice to the Sunshine Coast Queensland, Adam started looking to Commercial and Residential detailing from major shopping centres, unit penthouses and resorts, to housing framework. About this same time as the shift to the Sunshine Coast, Adam started getting involved in testing and development of ProSteel. Becoming friends with the creator and owner of the software and his development team gave Adam the opportunity to get an insight into the software, including its strengths and weaknesses.

With interest in the development side of the program, Adam started building a localised kit for Australian designers and detailers. The first of these was released for ProSteelís R18.0 build. Over the following years, this was enhanced with setting improvements and tools from his associates, all with the view of improving productivity and final results.

About the same time, an opportunity to share his knowledge with fellow users to assist with their productivity. To date, Adam has trained users from Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Canada and the United States of America, training not only for himself, but holding advanced courses for Bentley Australia.

On a personal side, Adam spent twenty (20) years on the motocross circuit, both racing and tuning for the motocross fraternity. The last five (5) years of his racing life, he was also a test rider and model for three (3) popular Australian dirt bike magazines. Since moving to the beach, he is now living his dream of surfing and playing beach volleyball.
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