Like all of the current Software available on the market, ProSteel is no different in that it doesn’t come out of the box set up for your Office. But this doesn’t have to hold you back. In fact, the Australian Localisation in Bentleys ProStructures build was created by Adam and first introduced by Bentley in its Series 4 version.

Having worked together with the development team for many years, Adam has a working knowledge of the capabilities and limitations of ProSteel that allows him to set it up for almost any environment in almost every country. Adam has set up or assisted over 200 offices in Australia alone.

With many options available to you, your office can become very productive on ProSteel in a matter of hours after an initial phone call.
  • Pro Config
    • A very popular configuration in Australia for the Engineers and the Detailers alike. With features such as Full Connection template sets, Auto Single and Group drawing creation, Auto Partlist creation, Auto NC and DXF. Full Australian Shape and Bolt databases. Full Handrail, Grating and Stair catalogues. Additional Modelling, detailing and annotation tools. This build will have you productive with your ProSteel immediately.
  • Office Specific Config
    • For the office who wish to have their current output mimicked by ProSteel. Your Borders, your layers and line types. Purely set to run on ProSteel without your clients being able to notice any significant changes in output.
  • Custom Config
    • Anything you want. Special tools? Special Customer requirements for a large project? No problem. We won’t waste your time by promising things that can’t be achieved. You will know up front what can and what can’t be done by the software, and with the help of some of our very clever associates, we will have the software doing exactly what you need it to.
  • Pro Config
    (What’s New – SS5)
    • - Ribbon CUIX added (ribbon/toolbar option)
      - Detail Styles updated
      - New List and Label lists
      - Connection Templates improved
      - Webforge Handrail improved
      - Webforge Step Treads added
      - ATTTool added (controls DIT, Revision updates, and batch listing)
      - HD Bolt macro now does U Bolts
      - More productivity tools added
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