Change country (change language) home women men looking after loved ones health care professionals professionals → incontinence management centre → incontinence and the patient → fecal incontinence print page professionals home new! best place buy generic viagra forum Tenaâ® flushable washcloths video incontinence management centre long term care & continuing care homes professionals in primary care independent pharmacists about incontinence incontinence and the patient female incontinence male incontinence pelvic floor exercise fecal incontinence best practice care useful links downloads product pavilion services support for professionals balancing cost & care cafã© chat the bulletin board fecal incontinence fecal incontinence is the loss of bowel control resulting in involuntary passage of feces. buy viagra canada The ability to hold stool and maintain continence requires normal function of the rectum, anus and the nervous system.   this can be characterized by the occasional leakage of stool with the passage of gas, or complete loss of bowel control. cheapest prices on viagra Common causes constipation – causes a weakening of anus and intestines impacted stool in rectum severe diarrhea anal sphincter muscle damage nerve or other muscle damage gynecological, prostate or rectal surgery chronic laxative abuse typical treatment lifestyle intervention it can help to change the diet: eliminate alcohol and caffeine, and add more fibre to increase bulk of stool. viagra generic Bowel retraining bowel retraining can help promote better muscle tone. Interventions absorbent incontinence products medication such as loperamide (imodium) to control diarrhea and potentially eliminate incontinence surgical treatment to rectify a clearly identified cause balancing cost and care sounds impossible? Click here to find out how  tips for best practice care need an insight? Click here  discover your own potential book an appointment  about tena · glossary · sitemap · privacy & legal · contact us · press releases & news â© copyright sca hygiene products ab click here to visit tenatwist. Directions contact home conditions treatments about us general information our office dr. George shashoua sarah stiriss news bowel incontinence bowel (fecal) incontinence is the impaired ability to control gas or stool. Its severity ranges from mild difficulty with gas control to severe loss of control over liquid and formed stools. Causes pelvic floor muscle damage. viagra hq toronto The muscles that control continence are damaged. generic viagra without subscription Nerve injury: injury to the nerves that supply the pelvic floor can cause fecal incontinence. grapefruit juice effect on viagra Functional: diarrhea (not being able to make it to the bathroom on time), constipation (rectum gets over filled and leaks), rectal spasms and urgency. Testing often times includes ultrasound and anorectal manometry (arm). buy online viagra â  armâ  provides. cheap viagra online
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