Config for Select Series 5
Published: October 11, 2012
I am very happy to announce that I have a Config Package available for Select Series 5 ready to go! As in the past my aim is to constantly up the ante version to version and this one is no different. With the limits of functionality pretty much reached for standard settings, I have now opted to work on improving productivity by adding VB.NET tools to assist modelling and drawing creation time. Here is a short list of enhancements:

- Toolbar and Ribbon variations of the Config
- Improved Webforge Handrails
- New Stair functionality with Webforge Tread varieties (T1-T6)
- New Document Centre - offering Title Block info, Title Block updating, and Batch Part Lists in 1 location
- New Modelling tools - Ladder to AS1657, HD Bolt Macro, Grating switch, plate to Flat switch for connections
- New Detailing Tools - Global Scaling, Global Workframe update, Detail blow-up and angle tools
- New Borders
- New Part Lists
- Much, much more!!
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